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Your Growth Catalyst. Empowering Professionals and Businesses through Human-Centered Technology Solutions that deliver growth.

I partner with retail and online businesses

I partner with retail and online businesses, leveraging data-driven insights to identify market opportunities that align with their growth phase. My customer-focused approach underpins a strategic plan, guiding a roadmap that ensures teams, technology, and partners are aligned for success.

I partner with professionals

I help professionals transform their unique capabilities and experience into digitally powered businesses that scale. I partner with individuals within a connected ecosystem of businesses, leveraging insights and a customer-centric approach. As a tech mentor, I guide clients in developing digital skills for the future, smoothing their path to success. Together, we create a positive ripple of change, building businesses in collaboration while continuously measuring and analyzing our collective impact for sustained success.

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About your digital coach.

In Jane's two-decade journey, she has been at the forefront of leadership in technology-driven growth, innovation, and change. While she has worked extensively with businesses, she also extends her expertise to influential leaders.In the dynamic realm of digital transformation, Jane stands out as a dedicated force committed to reshaping operations and fostering enduring customer relationships. Her journey commenced in the sphere of global brands, where she honed her skills while collaborating with agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi and partnering with renowned brands such as Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble.Subsequently, Jane transitioned to Australian corporations, sharing her expertise with institutions like the University of Queensland and Goodstart Early Learning. Today, Jane serves as a strategic advisor, collaborating with prestigious brands such as Spendless Shoes and Mont Marte International. Her extensive background equips her to lead their digital transformation initiatives with precision.As a seasoned digital transformation consultant, Jane possesses a profound understanding of cutting-edge technologies and strategies that optimize business operations, elevate customer experiences, and drive growth. However, her true strength lies in navigating the common anxieties and resistance that often accompany such transformative journeys.Embarking on the path of digital transformation may initially appear daunting, but with Jane at the helm, businesses and leaders alike can proceed with confidence. Her infectious enthusiasm for all things digital technology inspires even the most skeptical team members, empowering them to explore limitless possibilities.

How does it work?

The Strategic Focus Program is designed for retail and online businesses that are seeking to optimize and grow their business through a customer-centric approach. The program includes five phases and engages key stakeholders in the process to ensure clarity, focus, and alignment from the board to the implementation team.

  • Discovery: Gaining valuable input from key stakeholders via interviews.

  • Customer based audit: Undertaking a detailed customer based audit.

  • Digital Health Tracker: Creatie a data reporting model informed by a comprehensive customer data evaluation.

  • Agile Strategic Framework: Co-develop an ASF through a collaborative two-day workshop.

  • Strategic Focus Paper: Deliver a roadmap that maps all strategies, capabilities, metrics and tactical actions.

  • OPTIONAL: ongoing coaching and advisory

Read the case study
Read the case study

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