Growth through a laser-like focus on customer and an authentic story that connects.

I’m a strategic facilitator obsessed with turning marketing into the engine for customer-led growth and innovation. To do that, we start with customer focus, build a compelling story and use data to listen to the stories that matter most to the customer. My experience has seen me begin in advertising, working in South Korea, back to Sydney and now in the suburbs of Brisbane.

3 ways I can help you

Customer Value builders newsletter

Every Saturday morning, you'll get 1 actionable tip on audience and revenue growth for your online business.And paid newsletter subscribers get access to a series of monthly 'play dates'. In this series of play dates, we will dig into one tool you can use to start creating more value for your customers. Our first creative play date was on CANVA and you can watch it here

Strategic facilitator

Gain in-depth insights into your marketing practices with MarketSense+. Our comprehensive program offers a thorough audit and review of your digital ecosystem. Now, you can access the first phase of the strategic focus program as a stand-alone service.

  • Thorough audit and review of your digital ecosystem and marketing practices

  • Detailed review document with opportunity mapping

  • Hassle-free booking process

  • Personalised kick-off session to align with your goals

Strategic facilitator

Each year, I work with no more than 3 companies in an on demand capacity as a strategic facilitator, with key outcomes being;

  • Define the Agile Strategic Framework.

  • Define the customer segments and identify growth segments.

  • Build a strategic plan focusing on long-term {brand} and short-term {performance} strategies that enable the business to build revenue and brand value perception.

  • Audit the marketing capabilities and design a learning and coaching plan for internal team members and an outsourcing and new staff acquisition plan.

  • Establish the technology brief and digital partner ecosystem.

  • Lead the implementation of core strategies as well as the evolution of the Agile Strategic Framework.

Online programs

Self-paced courses that teach you to identify and grow your audience, find profitable ideas, build a business, and productise your knowledge.

About me

A dynamic force in the digital transformation landscape, Jane is dedicated to helping businesses revolutionize their operations and cultivate lasting bonds with their customers. Combining compassion, magnetism, and technical prowess, Jane has steered a multitude of organizations through the challenging journey into the digital world.As a proficient digital transformation consultant, Jane possesses in-depth knowledge of the most recent technologies and tactics for refining business operations, augmenting customer experiences, and fostering growth. However, Jane's true differentiator is her capacity to triumph over the anxiety and opposition that frequently accompany change.Embarking on a digital transformation journey may seem intimidating, but with Jane at the helm, businesses can breathe easy knowing they're in capable hands. Her fervor for all aspects of digital technology energizes even the most doubtful team members, encouraging them to explore the infinite possibilities that await.If you're prepared to elevate your business and seize the digital revolution, there's no better choice than Jane. Boasting infectious enthusiasm, comprehensive expertise, and a unique ability to eradicate digital apprehensions, Jane is the digital transformation consultant you've been searching for - and the one you simply can't do without. Whether you're a fledgling start-up or an established Fortune 500 company, Jane has the versatility and experience to cater to your distinct needs.

Who I’ve Worked With

6 month strategic facilitator role

3 year digital strategy and advisor role.

2 year digital strategy and advisor role.

3 month strategic facilitator role

Current advisory board role

Get in touch if you have a wicked problem to solve and a genuine love of your staff and customers.

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