Growth through a laser-like focus on customer and an authentic story that connects.

I’m a strategic facilitator obsessed with turning marketing into the engine for customer-led growth and innovation. To do that, we start with customer focus, build a compelling story and use data to listen to the stories that matter most to the customer. My experience has seen me begin in advertising, working in South Korea, back to Sydney and now in the suburbs of Brisbane.

3 ways I can help you

Customer Value builders newsletter

Every Saturday morning, you'll get 1 actionable tip on audience and revenue growth for your online business.And paid newsletter subscribers get access to a series of monthly 'play dates'. In this series of play dates, we will dig into one tool you can use to start creating more value for your customers. Our first creative play date was on CANVA and you can watch it here

Strategic facilitator

Each year, I work with no more than 3 companies in an on demand capacity as a strategic facilitator, with key outcomes being;

  • digital strategy as we look at digital across all areas of the business

  • customer segmentation as we provide businesses with an agile view of their customer

  • marketing growth and optimisation as we apply data and creative thinking to marketing strategy

  • brand storytelling as we create a storybook of value and use data as listening tool to refine the story to match what the customer cares about

Online programs

Self-paced courses that teach you to identify and grow your audience, find profitable ideas, build a business, and productise your knowledge.

Everyone has a story and here is my story so far....

Everyone has a story about how they got to this point. For me, it's been a long and winding road that started as a young ad exec at Saatchi Saatchi in South Korea. Well, it started long before that, as the trip to Korea resulted from a mid-degree pivot from Visual Arts to International Business. From paints to pens. My time in gave me strong foundations in brand and storytelling. It also grounded me in critical human skills I value today - empathy, listening and kindness. I then built a creative business stocking my jewellery label in stores worldwide and using that platform to mentor and coach creative businesses from Venice to Santa Cruz. The GFC sparked a shift around 2010. This led to my roles in digital strategy for large and complex organisations, including UQ and Goodstart Early Learning. After a period in corporate, I decided to launch a bespoke consulting practice in 2017, taking what I had learnt to help businesses grow their online commerce channels—taking time to launch an online digital skills program for a creative business called the Digital Bootcamp during COVID. And when I say 'taking time, I mean work evaporated, and I threw myself headfirst into the world of ed tech. Now I find myself bringing all of my core skills together in service of businesses who want to do business in a way that is kinder to staff, customers and the planet. If that sounds like you, get in touch!

3 online programs

Digital bootcamp for creative micro businesses

A digital skills bootcamp for creative micro businesses. Looking for collaborators and investors as the bootcamp has been paused for 2022. Get in touch if you would be interested in co-creating a digital skills course for creatives.

Unlock & Amplify Program

A self-paced courses that teach you to identify and grow your audience based on a clearly defined customer and a story that uniquely frames your Value.

Identify & Engage Program

A self-paced courses that teaches you to identify the ideal customer that will grow your business to help you engage them in your value.

Get in touch if you have a wicked problem to solve and a genuine love of your staff and customers.

Who I’ve Worked With

6 month strategic facilitator role

3 year digital strategy and advisor role.

2 year digital strategy and advisor role.

3 month strategic facilitator role

Current advisory board role

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